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Content Creation and Production 
Our expertise is based on studying and analyzing your business nature and define your messages to create effective content aimed at influencing all stakeholders.

Crisis Communications and Reputation Management
We know how to effectively manage and communicate during a crisis situation to minimize institutional exposure and manage reputational risk. In doing so, we work closely with communications and legal teams to deliver timely, consistent, and concise messages to the audiences that matter most, in order to eliminate any negative impact.

Strategy Development 
Counseling is the first step towards developing your PR strategy. We evaluate your business objectives, target audiences, and market rivals. We assess specific issues and opportunities that may arise from time to time and propose the way forward to respond to these.

Brand Communications 
We manage to create an effective communication on your brand across a variety of channels; when customers when they see your brand (logo), view brand content (social media, advertising, reviews), meet your brand in person (when contacting your office for example). Every brand should ensure consistency across all communication channels. Brand reputation is actively built every time a customer meets your brand.

Media / Influencer Relations
We assist our clients in every step of planning and implementing media/influencer campaigns. Our understanding of the media landscape ensures targeted and comprehensive coverage of our clients’ messages to their publics.

Media Training 
We provide a tailored and intensive one-day program covering the full range of media interview strategies and techniques, from preparation to performance. The program includes camera interview simulations with individual coaching

Integrated Campaigns
We offer tailored communication tactics that position our clients as strategic partners of choice to pertinent governmental entities.

Strategic Messaging
Our messaging workshop enables our clients to target pertinent stakeholders and adopt proper engagement strategies.

Issue Advocacy
We help our clients build highly targeted campaigns to raise awareness to generate change and create a positive impact.

Conducting Partnerships
We help our clients identify the key players who share their goals to establish a strong coalition that can streamline your efforts even further.

We provide our clients periodical insights and analysis on the roles and mandates of pertinent stakeholders, the decision-making process, and the balance of power within different entities.